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Although an exact definition when translating Japanese into English can be difficult to interpret, when used in a spiritual healing context, the word "Rei" means "Universal or Source/God" and "Ki" means "Life Force Energy". Combined, Reiki is defined as "Spiritually guided life force energy."

Reiki is a non-invasive energetic healing modality that works in conjunction with all other forms of treatment and can do no harm. It is believed that when a person's life force energy is balanced and flowing unimpeded through the body, they will experience anything from better health (physical and/or mental), increased inner peace, deeper relaxation, happiness, to an overall sense of well-being. If their life force energy is low or blocked, it is possible that they may suffer from higher stress levels, aches and pains, exhaustion, and/or illness. 

The goal of a Reiki session is to make sure that the receiver's life force energy is high and flowing smoothly throughout the body. This loving and wonderful energetic healing technique is beneficial for anyone of any age (newborn-elderly).

Karuna Reiki®

Just as all positive things evolve, grow, and develop, both traditional Usui & Tibetan Reiki have as well. In order to meet the higher vibrational rate being experienced on Earth, William Rand, and several Master teachers from the International Center for Reiki Training were guided to develop a new form of Reiki. They named this practice Karuna Reiki®.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning, "compassionate action". This includes any actions taken to reduce the suffering of others. Karuna Reiki® energy is also Spiritually guided and is best described as powerful and "multi-dimensional". It reaches deep within the receiver, but feels very gentle. There are many areas that this energy can be extremely effective, addressing issues being faced in both this lifetime and from past lives.

Distance Healing

Since Reiki is “universally guided life force energy,” there is no limit to what it can do and/or the distances (both space and time) that the energy can cross.  There is a Distance Symbol that Usui Reiki Practitioners are trained in and able to utilize to “build a bridge” between ourselves and the recipient(s) of the energy. 

Distance Healings are as effective as in-person healing sessions and are conducted the exact same way. A combination of energetic healing methods (e.g. Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, chakra clearing, toning) and crystals are utilized. Some of my most powerful sessions have taken place at a distance! There are numerous possibilities and this is a more flexible option that enables you to receive the love, guidance, and support that comes from Spirit in every healing session. 

Each scheduled Distance Healing includes a detailed email & live or recorded consultation where I will share any impressions and insights that were received during your healing. 

Distance Space Clearing
Sometimes the spaces we spend time in need a refresher, just like us! You may notice that you feel "funky" in certain rooms of your home or school. Maybe you go to work after meeting a crazy deadline one week and still feel anxious the next (even after all is said and done). There could be residual energy lingering about. Sadly, our structures don't get to go home and take a hot shower to assist in washing the stressors away. During a Distance Space Clearing I send healing Reiki energy to your location of choice. I work to remove negative energy from your space and fill it with love, compassion, forgiveness, and peace. I also use crystal energy grids to help protect your space. All you have to do is provide me with the address & location type, and Source energy will do the rest! 

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